Unique Patent: Nano X-plus Purification Technology

Green-Tak Compact Hydrogen Water Purifier

The Nano X-plus purification technology is a new generation of water revolution. The technology is using Vacuum Sputtering Coating to compose the advanced medical grade multi-layers NANO-ACT thin film, sized controlled in nanoscales precision and no second pollution produced during the process.

It has widely applicable to variety of medical, air purification and water purification products.

Green-Tak nano water purifier is made up by multi-layers NANO-ACT film and combined with high quality of USA Matrikx CTO carbon block filter to achieve an excellent nano water purifier. Green-Tak nano water purifier can remove 99% of bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, chlorine, organic chemicals and at the same time, retain the minerals and trace elements in the water, it provides a great taste of purifier drinking water.

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