Gravity-Fed Water Filtration System


Treatment Water Type: River Water, Lake Water, Rainwater.


For people lack of clean water supply for daily life, they might be sick due to no clean water. Facing these challenges of providing clean domestic water and potable water supply for people’s daily life in many cases and environments.


Design and build a custom water treatment system to prevent from some diseases and increase clean water supply for the community or villages. It is a perfect choice to purify surface water for domestic daily water use.

Product Name: Gravity-Fed Water Filtration System Made in Taiwan

The water system includes a water tank, gravity water membranes and water filters.

The gravity water system is purified water by gravity-fed, no power needed, therefore, the watery system and dispense point id required to have a height-distance for gravity-fed power.

Unique Features:

  • No power required
  • No wastewater
  • Washable and Easy maintenance
  • High Filtration Performance
  • Long Lifetime for Membranes


The gravity-fed water filtration systems have installed in many South-East Asian countries to use for water sources from river water, rainwater, lake water and other surface water and even well water purification.



By using the gravity-fed water filtration system of filter material as small pore size at 0.01 micron, it can effectively eliminate sand, rust, particles, mud, bacteria, E. Coli, V. cholerae, heavy metals and other harmful substances in the water.

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