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Green-Tak Tap Water Filter

Tap Water Filter for Kitchen
Production Information
Green-Tak Tap Water Filter
All food grade material including media & vessel 
Filter Media : GAC + Resin
Remove residue chlorine and odor from tap water quickly
Easy Change Filter Cartridge, no toold required
Chlorine remove capacity: 1500 liters 
Item no. TP-60
Shape color White color
( with Upper Cover Chromed Plated)
Dimensions L13 x W7 x H11 (cm)
Packing (MOQ) 48pcs
CTN/weight 18kgs
CTN/ measurement 2.26 cu'ft
Specification of ultra filtration:             
Filtration hole: 0.01 ~ 0.1 Micron - Operation pressure: ≦60psi - Temperature:≦40℃          
* Replacement Cartridge for Tap Water Filter: 
Item no. : GT-FC61  
Filter Cartridge Inner media : GAC + Resin