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Green-Tak Shower Filter

Production Information
Green-Tak Chlorine Removal SPA Shower Filter    
Unique Design, Easy Change Filter Cartridge, no toold required    
Remove residue chlorine from tap water quickly.     
Slow down falling hairs and discoloration after hair dyeing     
Cartridge with media: calcium sulfite    
France imported essential oil: 30ml/bottle    
Recommended replacement time: 2-3 months    

Item no.  SF-62S
Shape color  "Silver color(Chromed Plated)"
Dimensions   L6 x W4 x H28 (cm)
Packing (MOQ)  12pcs
CTN/weight  5kgs
CTN/ measurement  1.32 cu'ft

* Replacement Cartridge for Shower Filter:     
Item no. : GT-FC62    
Filter Cartridge Inner media : calcium sulfite