GAC Carbon Filters

Quick Change Disposable UDF Carbon Filter / With our professional manufacturing capabilities, skilled knowledge, strong R&D team and technical support, we are capable to provide a total solution for drinking water system upon customized requirement for OEM or ODM services.


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GAC Carbon Filters | RO Drinking Water System & Water Purifier Manufacturer - TIA, Green-Tak

Located in Taiwan, TIA Enterprise Co., Ltd., since 2012, is a professional GAC Carbon Filters | RO system and water purifier manufacturer. Main products, including reverse osmosis (RO) system, hydrogen water system, water purifier, water filters, water dispensers, water coolers, water boiler, stainless steel faucets, etc.

Green-Tak RO water purifier manufacturer in Taiwan - TIA Enterprise Co., Ltd. All raw materials and filter medias are verified by international certification, such as NSF, SGS, TUV, INTERTEK, CE, WATER QUALITY, etc. All water systems and water purifiers are 100% in-house quality tested before shipment, as well as TUV and D-U-N-S certified.

TIA, Green-Tak has been offering customers high-quality water purifiers and RO systems since 2012, both with advanced technology and 10 years of experience, TIA, Green-Tak ensures each customer's demands are met.

GAC Carbon Filters


GAC Carbon Filters are made of high quality granular activated carbon media and quick change filter design. Quick change filter cartridge design makes it easy for filter replacement and maintenance. The performance of GAC carbon filter has rich pores to absorb chlorine, organic chemicals and remove bad smell, odors and dirt color from tap water. It is a good choice to be used as pre-filter for reverse osmosis water purification system or water purifier.

Quick Change Disposable UDF Carbon Filter

GAC Carbon Filters are composed of high quality coconut shell activated carbon media that is good to reduce chlorine, odor and bad taste from water. Besides that, it is simple to use and replace. The quick-change disposable filter cartridge is encapsulated to reduce contamination during filter replacement and maintenance.

The carbon media could be made from many substances such as coconut shells, bamboo, fruits shells, coals, etc. Being treated by an " activation" process, the carbon media will open up the massive number of pores that enable the carbon to capture contaminants which is known as "adsorption".

The adsorption function of activated carbon is widely used in residential, commercial and industrial water purification process. It is a common design to use as first or second stage of the filtering system.

The high quality of carbon media is generally employed in the process of removing organic compounds, chlorine, bad odor and smell and dirt color, function by its surface area contact to perform its high capacity of adsorption and to make the water suitable to use in washing, showering and even for potable water.

Green-Tak is capable of making different types of water filters according to your requirements, see more related quick change disposable water filter cartridges:
Quick change disposable GAC activated carbon water filters to reduce chlorine, pesticides, dirt color, bad odor and bad smells.
Quick change disposable CTO carbon block water filters to remove pesticides, organic chemicals, chlorine and colors.
Quick change disposable NANO-ACT water filters can remove 99% of bacteria and heavy metals such as lead, mercury, chromium, cadmium, etc.


  • Certified by NSF / FDA / SGS and Food Grade filter materials.
  • Premium carbon media to absorb Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), pesticides and chlorine reduction effectively.
  • Easy change and maintenance for filter replacement.


  • GAC Carbon Filters are suitable for pre-treated filter installed before water purifier systems and water ionizers to remove chlorine and organic chemicals.
  • Quick change GAC carbon filters are the best chioce to treat chlorine, dirt color, bad odor, bad smells and organic chemicals before any water purifiers or water treatments.
Quick Change GT Granular Activated Carbon Filter
Specification of GT-33 Quick Change GAC Granular Activated Carbon chlorine and bad odors removal filters.
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GAC Carbon Filters.