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TIA - Reliable RO drinking water system / water purifier manufacturer in Taiwan.


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RO Drinking Water System & Water Purifier Manufacturer - TIA, Green-Tak

Located in Taiwan, TIA Enterprise Co., Ltd., since 2012, is a professional RO system and water purifier manufacturer. Main products, including reverse osmosis (RO) system, hydrogen water system, water purifier, water filters, water dispensers, water coolers, water boiler, stainless steel faucets, etc.

Green-Tak RO water purifier manufacturer in Taiwan - TIA Enterprise Co., Ltd. All raw materials and filter medias are verified by international certification, such as NSF, SGS, TUV, INTERTEK, CE, WATER QUALITY, etc. Water systems and water purifiers are 100% in-house quality tested before shipment, as well as TUV and D-U-N-S certified.

TIA, Green-Tak has been offering customers high-quality water purifiers and RO systems since 2012, both with advanced technology and 10 years of experience, TIA, Green-Tak ensures each customer's demands are met.


Q & A

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  • Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

    We are the professional RO system and water purifier manufacturer in Taiwan for more than 10 years. We've widen products range that are related to water treatment for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

  • Do you provide OEM or ODM services?

    Yes, we do offer OEM or ODM services. We've offered OEM services for customers from America, Australia, Europe and some Asian countries. We've ability to customize different size and specification according to your requirement.

  • Can I visit your factory?

    Yes. You are most welcome to visit our factory. Our factory is in middle of Taiwan, at Taichung city. It'll be our pleasure to introduce our production line, quality control procedures and present our new products to you. Feel free to contact us if you need any help from us.

  • What is the MOQ?

    Different products have different MOQ required; If you require own design, the mold tooling cost might be occurred, feel free to contact us for further information.

  • What is your product advantage?

    Our nano water purifiers are using unique patented of nano x-plus technology that can remove bacteria and heavy metals up to 99% from water and keep the minerals in the water.Our stainless steel faucets are made of solid stainless steel round bar. The faucets are made by CNC fine machining that will make the inner surface of faucet body smoothly and not easy to get rust and dirty.

  • What is Reverse Osmosis (RO) System?

    Reverse Osmosis (RO) System is one of the efficient water purification system, which have a highest performance of contaminations removal and sale rejection rate up to 99%.Untreated water contains lots of contaminates, such as virus, bacteria, chemicals, dirt, rust and heavy metals. It might lead to a disease by daily drinking if it is not well treated.

  • 6 Benefits of Purified Drinking Water.

    1. Chlorine Free from purified drinking water. 2. No Harmful Bacteria from purified drinking water. 3. Good taste of water from purified drinking water. 4. Minerals and Trace elements from purified drinking water. 5. Necessary for Healthy Hydration. 6. Improve Body, blood circulation and digestion system.

  • 6 reasons to use a point-of-use (POU) nano water purifier or RO system at home.

    1. Purify water to prevent more than 100 water contaminants in tap water. 2. Remove chlorine, dirt, rust, mud, bacteria, organic chemicals and other impurities in drinking water. 3. Cost-effective comparing to buying bottled water for drinking water. 4. Save your time whenever you need to get a glass of drinking water. 5. Remove heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and copper and other toxic heavy metals, to ensure body and brain health. 6. Take good care of your body circulation with pure drinking water.

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