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Residential RO System | RO Drinking Water System & Water Purifier Manufacturer - TIA, Green-Tak

Located in Taiwan, TIA Enterprise Co., Ltd., since 2012, is a professional Residential RO System | RO system and water purifier manufacturer. Main products, including reverse osmosis (RO) system, hydrogen water system, water purifier, water filters, water dispensers, water coolers, water boiler, stainless steel faucets, etc.

Green-Tak RO water purifier manufacturer in Taiwan - TIA Enterprise Co., Ltd. All raw materials and filter medias are verified by international certification, such as NSF, SGS, TUV, INTERTEK, CE, WATER QUALITY, etc. All water systems and water purifiers are 100% in-house quality tested before shipment, as well as TUV and D-U-N-S certified.

TIA, Green-Tak has been offering customers high-quality water purifiers and RO systems since 2012, both with advanced technology and 10 years of experience, TIA, Green-Tak ensures each customer's demands are met.

Residential RO System

Domestic Reverse Osmosis System

Home RO Water Purifier.
Home RO Water Purifier.

Residential RO system is the perfect choice for making safe and pure potable water for family. Our RO systems have unique advantages of compact size, quick-connect cap and quick-change filter design; they are made of high quality filter materials that meet food grade and NSF standard. The system has at least 5-stage filter purification process to remove up to 99% of contaminants, such as bacteria, particles, heavy metals, organic chemicals, pesticides, chlorine and will provide great-taste water for family.

Our factory has more than 10 years experiences engaged in water treatment field; our RO system is 100% made in Taiwan with highest quality.


  • Ideal for home use, economy model.
  • Purify up to 99% water contaminants, including heavy metals such as lead, mercury and copper in the water, and prevent toxic heavy metals are harmful to our body and brain health.
  • Remove chlorine, dirt, rust, mud, bacteria and organic chemicals, heavy metals and other impurities in drinking water and provide great taste of drinking water.
  • Cost-efficiency comparing to buying bottled drinking water.
  • Improve body and blood circulation by drinking more fresh and clean water.
  • Save time, you and your family can get a glass of potable water at home anytime.


TARO-50, TARO-75, TARO-100 the best model of
Under Sink Residential RO System for
House | Apartment | Condo | Studio

TARO-50N, TARO-75N, TARO-100N best choice of
Under Sink Residential RO System without Pump for
House | Apartment | Condo | Studio of high inlet water pressure

TARO-S50, TARO-S75, TARO-S100 best choice of
Residential Steel Frame RO System for
House | Apartment | Condo | Studio

GTRO-50, GTRO-75, GTRO-100 best choice of
Residential Steel Frame Quick Change RO System for
House | Apartment | Condo | Studio

GTRO-P50 best choice of
Portable Residential Quick Change RO System for
Cando | Studio | Camping

TARO-C50, TARO-C75, TARO-C100 best choice of
Cabinet Residential Quick Change RO System for
House | Apartment | Condo | Studio

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Result 1 - 5 of 5