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RO System | RO Drinking Water System & Water Purifier Manufacturer - TIA, Green-Tak

Located in Taiwan, TIA Enterprise Co., Ltd., since 2012, is a professional RO System | RO system and water purifier manufacturer. Main products, including reverse osmosis (RO) system, hydrogen water system, water purifier, water filters, water dispensers, water coolers, water boiler, stainless steel faucets, etc.

Green-Tak RO water purifier manufacturer in Taiwan - TIA Enterprise Co., Ltd. All raw materials and filter medias are verified by international certification, such as NSF, SGS, TUV, INTERTEK, CE, WATER QUALITY, etc. All water systems and water purifiers are 100% in-house quality tested before shipment, as well as TUV and D-U-N-S certified.

TIA, Green-Tak has been offering customers high-quality water purifiers and RO systems since 2012, both with advanced technology and 10 years of experience, TIA, Green-Tak ensures each customer's demands are met.

RO System

Reverse Osmosis System

RO Drinking Water Purification.
RO Drinking Water Purification.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) system is the most effective water purification. Green-Tak RO system is composed of food grade and NSF certified filter material. The system can remove up to 99% of contaminants from the water; such as bacteria, heavy metals, organic chemicals, pesticides, chlorine, particles and bad odor. Our advantage is capable to make various types of RO system in compact size, quick-connect cap and quick-change filter and is easy for DIY installation, filter replacement and maintenance.

TIA Enterprise Co., Ltd. has more than 10 years experiences engaged in RO water treatment field; our RO system is 100% made in Taiwan with highest quality. We have our own strong R&D team, product designer, knowledge technician, production line, warehouse and quality control department. We have abilities and facilities to make different types of reverse osmosis water treatment system, which have been widely used for residential usage for home use, commercial usage for restaurant, office, and coffee shop and industrial application for manufacturing factory, hospitals, and communities.

To offer better services, we also accept small MOQ for customized design to create unique RO system for our customers.

Our goal is to become your partner to offer you a total solution of drinking water system.


  • Purify up to 99% water contaminants, including heavy metals such as lead, mercury and copper in the water, and prevent toxic heavy metals are harmful to our body and brain health.
  • Remove chlorine, dirt, rust, mud, bacteria and organic chemicals, heavy metals and other impurities in drinking water and provide great taste of drinking water.
  • Cost-efficiency comparing to buying bottled water for drinking water.
  • Improve Body, blood circulation and digestion system by drinking more fresh and pure water.
  • Save your time whenever you need to get a glass of drinking water.


GTRO-50, GTRO-75, GTRO-100 the best model of
Residential RO System for
Houses | Apartment | Camping

GTDF-D600 best choice of
Direct Flow Tankless RO System for
Office | Studio | Banking buildings | Government buildings

TARO-200, TARO-300, TARO-500 best models of
Commercial RO System for
Restaurants | Coffee & Tea shop | Hotels & Resorts
SPA & Salon Center | Cooking Classroom | Professional Laboratory

TARO-800, TARO-1500, TARO-3000, TARO-4500 best models of
Industrial RO System for
Food & Beverage | Farming | Fishing | Oil Industry
Electronics industry | Swimming Pools | Manufacturing Factory

  • Residential RO System - Home RO Water Purifier.
    Residential RO System
    Domestic Reverse Osmosis System

    Residential RO system is the perfect choice for making safe and pure potable water for family. Our RO systems have unique advantages of compact size, quick-connect cap and quick-change filter design; they are made of high quality filter materials that meet food grade and NSF standard. The system has at least 5-stage filter purification process to remove up to 99% of contaminants, such as bacteria, particles, heavy metals, organic chemicals, pesticides, chlorine and will provide great-taste water for family.Our factory has more than 10 years experiences engaged in water treatment field; our RO system is 100% made in Taiwan with highest quality.

  • Direct Flow Tankless RO System - Tankless High Flow RO System.
    Direct Flow Tankless RO System
    High Flow RO Drinking Water System

    Direct Flow RO System is a high efficiency potable water purification system: tankless, efficiency and space saving. Green-Tak RO system reduces total dissolved solids (TDS) in the water and remove up to 99% of contaminants, such as bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, chlorine, fluoride, etc. Green-Tak direct flow RO series comes with quick-change design, easy DIY installation and maintenance. Green-Tak direct flow series can produce up to 600 gallon per day pure drinking water, prefect for home and office.

  • Commercial RO System - Commercial RO Water System.
    Commercial RO System
    20 inches RO Pure Water System

    Commercial RO water system is the most economy choice for small business application: such as coffee shop, beverage shop, bakery, cafeteria and restaurant. The sufficient volume make it easy to get instant potable water for drinking, making tea or coffee and cooking. Green-Tak Commercial RO system is using reverse osmosis membrane technology to filter out of 0.0001 micron contaminant in the water: remove bacteria, lead, organic, pesticides, chlorine, particles; and provide pure, safe and great-taste water.

  • Industrial RO Water System - Compact Industrial RO System.
    Industrial RO Water System
    Customized RO Water Purification

    Reverse osmosis membrane technology is widely used in various industrial applications. Our factory produced customized design, efficiency and cost-effective industrial RO systems for many manufacturing factories. Green-tak industrial RO water systems are all built-in durable steel frame, micro-computer controller and high quality components. Green-Tak provides competitive and economy industrial RO systems of 4500GPD and 6000GPD in stock and for higher water output capacity is also available by request.

  • Sea Water Desalination RO System - Economy Sea Water RO System.
    Sea Water Desalination RO System
    Offshore Sea Water Desalination

    Sea water desalination RO system is especially used to convert seawater to domestic water and potable water. Green-Tak focused on low-hassle seawater desalination RO system suitable for boat, offshore, small islands…etc. Green-Tak seawater RO system is high quality: built-in steel frame and micro-control panel to monitor and provide the best quality of water; and Environmentally friendly: the water recovery rate is up to 24% to save more energy and water resources. Customized design is available.