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Hydrogen-rich Water Purifier | RO Drinking Water System & Water Purifier Manufacturer - TIA, Green-Tak

Located in Taiwan, TIA Enterprise Co., Ltd., since 2012, is a professional Hydrogen-rich Water Purifier | RO system and water purifier manufacturer. Main products, including reverse osmosis (RO) system, hydrogen water system, water purifier, water filters, water dispensers, water coolers, water boiler, stainless steel faucets, etc.

Green-Tak RO water purifier manufacturer in Taiwan - TIA Enterprise Co., Ltd. All raw materials and filter medias are verified by international certification, such as NSF, SGS, TUV, INTERTEK, CE, WATER QUALITY, etc. All water systems and water purifiers are 100% in-house quality tested before shipment, as well as TUV and D-U-N-S certified.

TIA, Green-Tak has been offering customers high-quality water purifiers and RO systems since 2012, both with advanced technology and 10 years of experience, TIA, Green-Tak ensures each customer's demands are met.

Hydrogen-rich Water Purifier

H2 Hydrogen Water System

Hydrogen-rich Water Purifier.
Hydrogen-rich Water Purifier.

Green-Tak hydrogen-rich H2 water purifier will generate healthy negative hydrogen-rich ions and minerals in drinking water. The hydrogen-rich water generator will separate hydrogen and oxygen molecule and make it micro-clustered and easier for body to absorb and maximize the H2 hydrogen concentration to active body circulation; benefit body balance; eliminate free radicals in our body. The H2 water purifier is flexible in different casing design, multi-functional filter combination to add on the system.


  • High concentration of dissolved hydrogen water.
  • Hydration, antioxidant, detoxification.
  • Ease free radical and prevent oxidation of body cell.
  • Improve body and blood circulation by drinking hydrogen-rich water.


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